How can TextByChoice help me?

For alerting or notifying your subscribers (users, employees, parents, students, members etc.)

  • Your audience will get your message right away! (This is extremely important in case of emergencies).
  • There is no internet required on mobile phones to receive text messages.
  • In the eyes of your subscribers, you will become high-tech immediately, and that too with very low costs! Plus, your audience will feel more connected to you knowing that you will notify them immediately if there are any emergencies.

For promoting goods/services:

  • We use the latest technology to create targeted, measurable, and cost effective advertising for small businesses.
  • You keep all your revenues and profits. This is not a revenue sharing model like the Group Couponing sites of the world.
  • You build a loyal subscriber base that follows you and is eager to hear from you.
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To Summarize

Advantages for You:

  • Targeted subscriber base. Direct connection between you and your customers/members.
  • Quickest way to reach cellphone subscribers whether they have Internet access or not.
  • Economical and timely.

Advantages for Subscribers:

  • Short, concise messages as opposed to pages of information (as in websites/emails).
  • No web banners, pop-ups, spyware, adware, junk mail, spam, or other such annoyances.
  • Immediate knowledge of any promotion you are running or alert you are sending.
  • Mobile alerts; no internet required!

Be ahead of the curve. 5 minutes is all it takes. let's get started!